The entire Niko team is proud of our accomplishments during the past year.

Chief Executive Officer's Message

Major contracts for development of the R-Cluster fields in the D6 Block in India have been awarded with a targeted start-up of production by the second quarter of fiscal 2021.  While the Company’s efforts to monetize its core assets for the benefit of all its stakeholders continue, the Company’s liquidity situation and its ability of fund its share of costs of the D6 Block are critical concerns.  The Company has required certain consents from its senior lenders to fund its cash requirements over the past several months and has received these required consents.  The Company will require additional consents from its senior lenders and require additional funding over the short term.  No assurance can be made that the lenders will provide these consents in the future or that additional funding will be secured in a manner or on a timely basis so as to enhance the Company’s cash resources sufficiently to meet its cash requirements.